Pick A Number

By Hellena Ajani

Pick a number
Any number
Between 1 and 234 and pray
Pray again, and again, and again, and again
Pray for her
Pray for the number you chose her to be

Pray for her soul
Pray for her spirit
Pray for her family
Pray for her mother
Pray for her father
Pray for her brothers
Pray for her sisters
Pray for her
Pray for number you chose her to be

I pray 66 times over for you
For your mother
For your father
For your sister
For your brother
I pray for your broken spirit
For your disconcerted soul
For your iridescent heart
For we march in your favour
We speak words you cannot speak
For you are not forgotten
We as a family demand your presence back
We demand our girls back

Again I pray
May your spirit never break
May your soul never lose its way
May your heart be found
May your beauty not be sold in turn of your future
May you find favour in sight like Esther
May your feet shine like that of God’s holy path, each step shinning a light beneath your sole to guide you home

I’ve prayed 65 times over for you
This piece
This prayer I say here today
Mark the 66


© Hellena Ajani (2014). She is the author of the award-winning blog, WrittenObessions.

Reviews and comments are welcomed.


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