She’s An Eagle

Some say it’s a year of “new beginnings”
“To turn over a new leaf”
“Chart a new course”
“Jump on the bandwagon”
“Back to square one”
And hope for the best.

While others wallow in regrets.
In failure.
They swim in defeat.
And fear of the unknown.

They find confort in pain.
In isolation.
Pondering “why me?”
Blaming everyone else.
Except themselves.
For time wasted.

Close your eyes.
What do you see?
Darkness or light?
A blind man isn’t someone who can’t see.
But someone,
Who sees only darkness.

Shut your eyes and see.
See possibilities.
See opportunities.
See greatness.
Your uniqueness.

Look again!
Don’t you see the wings of years!
She flies away!
She’s like an eagle.
Swift and agile.
Like time, she waits for no man.

Blaming the government.
Your wife. Your husband.
Your friends, and siblings.
The economy.
And the boundaries of the Sky.

Sickness is not the end!
Cancer is not the end!
Disability is not the end!
For this cause.
Came the Son of God.
The truth and the life.

You might not be responsible.
But you’re for staying there.
Knowledge is the key.
The year is darkness.
But you can make a difference.
You can be the light.

So arise!
Move forward!
But remember to forgive.
So not to be hindered.
Have a great year,
A happy new year!


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