Part of Living in the Sky Poetry Collections

O Sun, Great seer of the sky.
Greater light of the day.
Lesser light of the night.
Lord of the stars.

By day you illuminate the heavens, and the earth.
The eyes of the fowls.
The paths of beasts.
And reveal the wonders, and the beauty of nature.

By night, you’re the lesser light.
You light the moons.
The Stars, and their night marauders.
And become a dim of hope.

You are like her.
Whom I long to see.
After a busy day.
Like a wife, when I wake up.

But despite your greatness.
One is greater than you.
He brighten your glow.
And is more beautiful than you.

He beautifies the twinkling of your stars.
And gives energy to your light.
You light the eyes.
He lights the heart.

You make me feel good.
But add no value to my life.
You cannot heal cancer.
You cannot heal depression.

In broad daylight, your machinations destroys lives.
At your watch poverty swallows many.
When i listen to the media, the atrocities.
I wish to turn you off in the day and on in the night.

He heals the sick.
The broken hearted.
Gives abundant joy.
Gives life.

He is the Sun of my heart.
The Star of my life.
With him.
I am the Light of the world.

I appreciate your summer.
The hope you give.
But I prefer His light.
His sunshine.

Part of Living in the Sky Poetry Collections

© Nonso Chukwunonye (2013)

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