“Good Night”

Part of Living in the Sky Poetry Collections

Thanks heavenly Father for this good day.
You are wonderful, faithful and dependable.
The same yesterday, today and forever.
Your Word is reality and life.

For victory over every situation I faced.
Solution to problems.
Abundant provision.
Inner strength to live beyond the moving boundaries.

Helped me fulfil my responsibilities.
Used me to help many.
To lift up others.
To bring them joy.

Thank you.
I know that things are getting better.
I would not worry.
You are my answer.

As I go to sleep,
All things that concerns me are preserved.
From miscreants.
From sudden calamities.

Tonight I have good dreams. Of possibilities,
Hand in hand with angels.
Of the Higher Life,
Of greater things to come.

I sleep well tonight. Tomorrow,
I let down my ladder for those trapped at the borders of the sky,
In the Name of Jesus Christ.
“Good night”.

Part of Living in the Sky poetry collections

© Nonso Chukwunonye (2013)

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