Boundaries of the Sky

Part of Living in the Sky Poetry Collections

It is said “the sky is my limit”.
That i can be whoever I want to be in life.
Attain great achievements.
Take great strides and “walk on water”.

So i stared expectantly into the heavens.
Searching for signs.
For patterns and answers to my life.
For wonders.
For the mysterious and reincarnation of legends.

But what did i see?
I saw the clouds dancing in the heavens.
I saw the birds gliding on the air.
Watching me with eagle eyes.
Mindless of my existence.

I saw time racing to the “end of time”.
Perceiving questions in my eyes it said “time waits for no one”.
I saw yesterday written in the books of history.
And regrets inserted into its chapters.
And tomorrow clothed in endless dreams.

But the sky wasn’t in the atmosphere.
It was my life, my aims, purpose and desires.
My vision.
“Make haste while the sun shines” it concluded.

I saw limitations and obstacles.
I confronted impossibilities and walls of resistance.
I stumbled on stony rocks and continually got consoled that “life wasn’t easy”.
That “things would get better.”

The closer i got to the sky the further the boundaries shifted away.
It shifted my probability of success.
The boundary was “two-faced”.
It worked against me.

Every where I turned there seemed to be no way.
I was hindered by cultures, peoples, laws, principles, religions, and ideologies
Every situation gave birth to more questions and answers that had the “devil in the details”.

Then i met mother nature.
Common sense.
Who revealed the elixir of success.

She told me to “go to school”, to study hard.
Get good grades.
To get a good “job”.
“Get money”.
Find a good “house”.
“Marry” a virtuous wife.
Have children.

I took the advice.
Yet, i could still see the clouds laughing at me.
With loudspeakers.
At my efforts and at my dreams.

I tried my best.
I did what i knew.
But my problem was what I didn’t know.
Some said it was “ignorance”.
While Sir. Francis Bacon reminded me that “knowledge is power”.

Then I thought to myself.
I pondered the question seriously.
“Has anyone ever flown above the skies?”.

Yes. Many have.
Then i resolved not to strive for the sky.
Never to allow the sky to be my limit.
It had deceived me into chasing shadows.
I resolved it was now going to be my foundation for success.

I was not going to chase the sky any longer.
Yes! No more.
From today the sky would be my stairs to greater heights!
Enough is enough!

I would climb above the sky.
Beyond its boundaries.
From above,
I would let down my ladder for those trapped at the moving boundaries.

No more.
No more yesterday!
No more tomorrow!
“I am”.
Complete and perfect.
Now is my time.

Part of Living in the Sky Poetry Collections

© Nonso Chukwunonye (2013)

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27 thoughts on “Boundaries of the Sky

  1. “I saw limitations and obstacles.
    I confronted impossibilities and walls of resistance.
    I stumbled on stony rocks and continually got consoled that “life wasn’t easy”.
    That “things would get better.” 🙂 hello…

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  3. This is beautifully written. I love poems. Though I am a writer i envy the person such as your self who can in a few words write what would take me a page to say. Thank you.

    • Thank you Sharon. Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate your visitation to THOUGHTS. I hope i would continue to inspire you. We get better and better every day as we do what we practise to do. Thank you.

    • Thank you Pamela. For many the sky is their limit. Therefore, they find themselves always trying and striving. But we can also live beyond the sky. Beyond the limitations. Beyond every barrier – whether they are psychological, emotional, health or economical. Whatever the limitation. Above the sky failure is not an option. “No” is not an option. Above the sky everything is possible. Above the sky people have the “I can do” mentality. They are those who have decided to move forward in life no matter the history of the past. They are those helping others to be successful…

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